House Cleaning

We understand how important it is to come home to a clean environment.

Unfortunately, the demands of everyday life do not allow most people to do their home cleaning without having to sacrifice more important tasks or events. Today’s demanding world consumes precious time and energy.

This is why we make sure we perform to your standards, focusing on what is important to you. We already know the cleaning business and we hold our standards to be exceptional. However, this is your home and should be cleaned according to your standards.

Residential Cleaning Checklist

Clean Stove Hood

Clean outside/on top of refrigerator if possible

Clean outside of all appliances

Clean in/outside of microwave

Clean counter tops

Clean exterior of stove

Spot clean outside of cabinets

Clean and polish sink & faucet

Vacuum or Sweep kitchen rug as needed

Remove cob webs

Sweep & Mop floor

Empty Trash

Clean mirrors

Clean in/exterior of all vanities

Clean sinks

Clean soap, toothbrush holder

Clean tub & shower

Clean/sanitize floors

Clean toilet (behind as well)

Polish faucet

Dust/Wipe vents

Remove cob webs

Dust/clean baseboards

Clean ceiling fans

Remove cob webs

Clean sliding glass doors

Clean all glass& mirrors

Vacuum carpet/rugs

Sweep/Mop tile (if applicable)

Dust all horizontal surfaces

Dust mop wood floors

Dust all corners (high/low)

Clean inside and behind refrigerator

Clean inside stove

Light fixtures/switches throughout the house

Clean all windowsills and window tracks throughout the house

All blinds throughout the house

All baseboards throughout the house

Very thorough dusting throughout the house

Additional House Cleaning Services to be discussed

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You will be satisfied with the cleaning we will perform.